About Us

Rufus & Royce is an American clothing company specializing in embroidered shorts for young women and men looking to make the most out of life and stand out while they're doing so. 
The brand was founded by two friends both living in different continents who connected through their undying love for prep. They felt there was a need for more vibrant colors and daring designs to make prep preppy again. Their main goal is to evoke the Go-To-Hell attitude once proudly worn by JFK and the likes. Bright pink pants with screaming pastel colored shirts were all too common in those days. So whether they're meeting in Paris or New York, you're very likely to see the founders sporting blazers and classy button downs paired with all over embroidered shorts in any color you're willing to imagine. Since they have launched their brand half a year ago they have amassed over 12k followers on social media and 700 brand ambassadors. The Go-To-Hell style is known to get a lot of attention and combining that with a superior fit and quality makes Rufus & Royce a fast growing company to keep an eye on.
Your feedback is invaluable, and your loyalty is priceless. So let's keep in touch and let us get to know you. So tell us what you love. Tell us what we can do better. Send us your pictures and your ideas for new products because we would love to feature you on our social media. And if you are crazy about us we invite you to join the family and become a Brand Ambassador.
Thank you for believing in our product.
Rufus & Royce