How this preppy brand is predicting the Presidential election.

Washington D.C.-based, preppy clothing startup Rufus & Royce has found a unique way to predict the Presidential Election winner: through sales of its "critter" shorts. Earlier this year, the brand launched a politically-themed collection of men’s shorts embroidered with Democrat donkeys and Republican elephants. After several months of strong sales the evidence is overwhelming: Donald Trump is winning (at least with the preppy crowd). 
Rufus & Royce has seen their Republican seersucker shorts, appropriately named The Reagans, sell 10x more than their Democrat counterpart, The Kennedys.  Cofounder Calista Tavallali explains, "We are simply amazed by how many Preps are Republican. Traditionally Blue states in New England are buying the red Reagans like crazy." With a smile, Calista adds, "We are certainly shorting the Clinton campaign, though there is still time and plenty of shorts for Dem's to rally." This pro-Republican phenomena is not isolated to Rufus & Royce. Calista explains, "We've spoken to some other preppy brands who also have noticed that while their elephants are all sold out the donkeys remain on the shelf."  

The Reagans - Rufus & Royce - 2

As the Presidential elections heat up, Rufus & Royce expects to continue to see growing sales.  “Our end goal is to see the next President wearing our shorts…and don’t worry Hillary, women’s shorts are coming out soon", says Calista.
While some find Rufus & Royce shorts are too outlandish, many embrace the “Go to Hell” attitude surrounding the brand's new take on a traditional style (perhaps an echo of the Republican party itself). The online-based company already has a large following on social media, primarily utilizing Instagram to interact with politicians and celebrities.  Even a few Fox News reporters are rumored to be faithful fans. 
Rufus & Royce also has over 600 Campus Ambassadors who represent the brand at various high schools and universities in every state except Alaska, whose frigid weather have yet to prove conducive to the "island lifestyle". Apart from the political designs, the newly released summer collection includes embroidered Pineapples, Anchors, & Marlins all on vibrantly colored fabrics. Contrasting seersucker pockets come standard. Enthusiastic customers send the company dozens of photos a week showcasing their preppy look. For only $79.99, the designers at Rufus & Royce will work with you to make a fully customized short. Recently, they had a request to create a short plastered with the Donald's face. Needless to say, the customer loved it.
Contact: Calista Tavallali
Jul 29, 2016

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