Preppy Style is Back

The preppy style is the fresh but elegant look that is long been seen on the campuses of Harvard and Yale and it is a great look to opt for over the summer. The preppy look has made a return a few years ago and is still getting strong on colleges this fall. You may portray such look as simple or clean. It is a neat and well-balanced look which is rooted in the early American school uniform tradition. Wearing preppy is more than a style, it is a lifestyle. Here, you will discover and learn some guidelines to dress preppy. Check these out:

  • Always wear well-tailored and clean clothes- As the preppy style embodies classic and elegance, maybe a constantly refined, Ivy League look will replace the bright colored casual outfits. Throw those torn jeans into the garbage. 
  • Get a preppy attitude- In general, preps are regarded as quite vivid and nice. Good manners and smiling are absolutely essential when taking preppy style. Usually preppy followers have a chic taste for cultural and social stuff. Nevertheless, don’t confuse preps with those superior, snooty people.   
Preppy must-haves
  • Shoes- Ballet flats and ribbon flip flops are perfect options for preppy girls. But if you would like to make a modern look, leather high heels will work.  For men, the boat shoe is a necessity. 
  • Shirts- Polo and Oxford shirts are necessary to make the preppy style. No matter long or short sleeved ones, they will all give a lot of choices for taking fabulous combinations.  Limit the popped-collars. Men hoping to achieve a preppy look should invest in a button-down collar shirt that is preferably in a subtle stripe, and then team it up with a lightweight blazer. Those feeling a little bolder can twin up the shirt with a cable knit sweater, which should be worn tied around the shoulders.
  • Dresses or skirts- Merge those marvelous tees with short plaid shirts or pencil ones. Pastel colors are recommended to select, for instance, khaki and tan are the favorites among preps. 
  • Shorts- Stick to the pastels, seersuckers, and vibrant "Go to Hell" colors.  Rufus & Royce's critter shorts are not a bad choice.
  • Accessories-For men, a nice DW watch will match with everything.  If you would like to make a girlie look, opt for some small ribbons or headbands. A well-tailored bag will also impress people with a preppy look. Canvas bags may be a good choice because of the fine texture, young spirit and the plenty of colors and style.  For great finishing touches, you can also accessorize with items such as straw trilbies and summer neck scarves

Origin of Preppy Style

The term preppy derives from the pre-college preparatory schools that upper middle-class children in the North Eastern states of American sometimes attend, although the look has its origin in the 1950s, it was largely popularized 30 years later with the publication of the official preppy handbook by Lisa Birnbach. Since then, many famous faces have been seen sporting the look. Overall it combines sophistication and wealth with sport and youth. 

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