In response to a national debate over cargo shorts, Rufus & Royce, maker of embroidered shorts launched a daring guerrilla marketing campaign on Instagram- #BurnYourCargos.  

The pitch: burn your old ugly cargo shorts and the Washington D.C.-based startup will send you a free pair of their preppy shorts.  

The result: over 50 shorts burnt so far and the vids are hilarious!  (Check them out via this link).

Earlier this week, Rufus & Royce was quoted by The Wall Street Journal, after fashion-savvy journalist Nicole Hong took a less than favorable look at the dated thigh-huggers.  Following Hong's article, a plethora of journalists, celebrities, and even high ranking bureaucrats responded.  The Washington Post's Daniel Drezner wrote an extremist article supporting what he embarrassingly calls "an essential part of a man's summer wardrobe".  

As a strong opponent to the 1990s "Dark Ages of knees", Rufus & Royce launched the #BurnYourCargos campaign in the hopes of showing the world exactly how deep the hatred for cargo shorts really was.  Within minutes of commencing the #BurnYourCargos campaign, men over the entire country were burning away years of bad fashion sense.

cargo shorts burning


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