Where will you wear your Rufus & Royce shorts next?

Summer is here and so many R&R readers are wondering, "How many ways can I style my "Washington's" or my "Reagan's" in the summer months to come?" Have no fear! 
Imagine yourself laying on Myrtle Beach, gorgeous 93 degrees weather and no clouds in the sky, enjoying summer with your boys and a 24-pack in your Yeti. The perfect summer day, but what is your perfect summer outfit? The Pink Preps and The Coladas are the STAPLE item for any summer getaway and vacay while you're bro'in out on the East Coast or making a trip out West to the golden coast! 
Or better yet, finishing up working hard throughout the school year hitting the books towards that degree you're inching towards. The Washington's are THE signature short of Rufus & Royce and are the most versatile from your last class to your next rally to listen in on the soon-to-be prez! How could you not fall in love with fabric so patriotic and screaming freedom like its 1776? 
Did we forget to mention The Wimbledon White's? Or The Vespas! Athletes DO NOT settle for anything less than style on the fairway or on the tennis court. It's proven science (no, seriously...) that the stitching in every pair of Rufus & Royce apparel makes any athlete play like their Roger Federer or Rory McIlroy! Don't believe me? Well, you'll just have to find out for yourself won't ya? 
No matter what style of R&R you're sporting, whether you're a lady or a dude, or you're at the links or chillin' on a beach, the versatility in Rufus & Royce speaks for itself. Seriously, these are the best shorts you will ever buy. Where will your Rufus & Royce shorts go next?!"
Marina Camacho - Brand Ambassador

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