Being Presidentially Inspired

Earlier this year, the creative bros at Rufus & Royce were met with a monumental task: make a viral product. Hundreds of possible designs were drawn up, dozens of samples made, but only the Presidentials made the final cut. For the past few months, The Kennedys, The Reagans, & The Washingtons have dazzled many.  Featuring Old Glory, the Dem Donkey, & the Republican Elephant, these shorts actually may be more American than apple pie.

Above: The Kennedys  Below: The Reagans

When designing these magnificent shorts we looked at the unique preppy styles worn by two of our country's greatest presidents: John F. Kennedy & Ronald Reagan. Though they came from different sides of the aisle, both gents dressed with a great deal of panache. On ACK, JFK didn't shy away from "Go to Hell" pants while Reagan dressed like he was a movie star...wait he was one.     

Above: JFK practicing his swing.  Think he'd totally rock our shorts.

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