Preppy Girl's Guide to Fall: Rufus & Royce Edition

So you’ve noticed the leaves on the trees are changing and Starbucks brought back Pumpkin Spice Lattes… yes, you are correct! It’s the fall season! Hello to folk music, chunky sweaters, and pumpkin beer. Oktoberfests at your local breweries and fall sales galore. There is seriously nothing better than a new season for a reason to shop for a new wardrobe for the chilly weather. That is why I bring to you nothing other than The Preppy Girl’s Guide to Fall: Rufus & Royce Edition! The Fall Blowout sale at is your one-stop shop to finding top picks to add to your fall color scheme.

 Beer, Beer, and more Beer!

What is better than heading to an Oktoberfest with your squad and trying out all your local and top breweries for the delicacies they have prepared for fall? Nothing, that’s what! The caramel, malts, hops, toffee, pumpkin, roasts… my pallet is watering already! But nothing would top off your trip without the proper outfit to make you stand out amongst the rest like the proper beer-connoisseur you know you are (or try to sound like, I won’t judge).  

The Midshipmen - Rufus & Royce - 3

“The Midshipmen” and “The Cape Cods” are your best bet for mixing and matching tops and jackets to achieve the ultimate brewery-look.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (it’s a sin not to grab one at least once)

A quick pick-me-up or hanging out to enjoy a good cup of coffee, whatever the reason may be, coffee dates are much so for the male or female persuasion. So much sophistication in sitting in a little café and confidently ordering your double spiced-chai latte or better yet… the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte. Strutting around with your hot cup of goodness would not be complete without the right outfit that screams “FALL IS HERE!” All the more reason to pick yourself up a pair of “The Nobadeers” or “The Makadeets” for the perfect, simple shorts to highlight your sophistication. 

Green seersucker short. On-seam pink seersucker pockets. One back pocket. 7" inseam.

Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard Photoshoots

The perfect fall Instagram photo background is only one of two places in the fall

By Marina 


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10 Presidential Election Musts-Haves

1) Best 9 bucks Warren Buffett ever spent


2) Mask doubles as a witch costume and hard-drive cleaning software


3) Grow your own Toupee while helping stop Global Warming

4) Kitchen essentials: Bill corkscrew and Hillary nutcracker :)

5) Discounted 8 year old toilet paper

6) Give your cat a heart attack



 7) Get a leg up in Iowa by smelling like "Success"

 8) Once in a life time opportunity to buy your very own life-size socialist!

 9) Non-melting Republican ice cubes

10) Build Your Own Border Wall

Bonus) Either way, November's bestseller..."How to speak Canadian"

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Preppy Style is Back

The preppy style is the fresh but elegant look that is long been seen on the campuses of Harvard and Yale and it is a great look to opt for over the summer. The preppy look has made a return a few years ago and is still getting strong on colleges this fall. You may portray such look as simple or clean. It is a neat and well-balanced look which is rooted in the early American school uniform tradition. Wearing preppy is more than a style, it is a lifestyle. Here, you will discover and learn some guidelines to dress preppy. Check these out:

  • Always wear well-tailored and clean clothes- As the preppy style embodies classic and elegance, maybe a constantly refined, Ivy League look will replace the bright colored casual outfits. Throw those torn jeans into the garbage. 
  • Get a preppy attitude- In general, preps are regarded as quite vivid and nice. Good manners and smiling are absolutely essential when taking preppy style. Usually preppy followers have a chic taste for cultural and social stuff. Nevertheless, don’t confuse preps with those superior, snooty people.   
Preppy must-haves
  • Shoes- Ballet flats and ribbon flip flops are perfect options for preppy girls. But if you would like to make a modern look, leather high heels will work.  For men, the boat shoe is a necessity. 
  • Shirts- Polo and Oxford shirts are necessary to make the preppy style. No matter long or short sleeved ones, they will all give a lot of choices for taking fabulous combinations.  Limit the popped-collars. Men hoping to achieve a preppy look should invest in a button-down collar shirt that is preferably in a subtle stripe, and then team it up with a lightweight blazer. Those feeling a little bolder can twin up the shirt with a cable knit sweater, which should be worn tied around the shoulders.
  • Dresses or skirts- Merge those marvelous tees with short plaid shirts or pencil ones. Pastel colors are recommended to select, for instance, khaki and tan are the favorites among preps. 
  • Shorts- Stick to the pastels, seersuckers, and vibrant "Go to Hell" colors.  Rufus & Royce's critter shorts are not a bad choice.
  • Accessories-For men, a nice DW watch will match with everything.  If you would like to make a girlie look, opt for some small ribbons or headbands. A well-tailored bag will also impress people with a preppy look. Canvas bags may be a good choice because of the fine texture, young spirit and the plenty of colors and style.  For great finishing touches, you can also accessorize with items such as straw trilbies and summer neck scarves

Origin of Preppy Style

The term preppy derives from the pre-college preparatory schools that upper middle-class children in the North Eastern states of American sometimes attend, although the look has its origin in the 1950s, it was largely popularized 30 years later with the publication of the official preppy handbook by Lisa Birnbach. Since then, many famous faces have been seen sporting the look. Overall it combines sophistication and wealth with sport and youth. 

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In response to a national debate over cargo shorts, Rufus & Royce, maker of embroidered shorts launched a daring guerrilla marketing campaign on Instagram- #BurnYourCargos.  

The pitch: burn your old ugly cargo shorts and the Washington D.C.-based startup will send you a free pair of their preppy shorts.  

The result: over 50 shorts burnt so far and the vids are hilarious!  (Check them out via this link).

Earlier this week, Rufus & Royce was quoted by The Wall Street Journal, after fashion-savvy journalist Nicole Hong took a less than favorable look at the dated thigh-huggers.  Following Hong's article, a plethora of journalists, celebrities, and even high ranking bureaucrats responded.  The Washington Post's Daniel Drezner wrote an extremist article supporting what he embarrassingly calls "an essential part of a man's summer wardrobe".  

As a strong opponent to the 1990s "Dark Ages of knees", Rufus & Royce launched the #BurnYourCargos campaign in the hopes of showing the world exactly how deep the hatred for cargo shorts really was.  Within minutes of commencing the #BurnYourCargos campaign, men over the entire country were burning away years of bad fashion sense.

cargo shorts burning


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How this preppy brand is predicting the Presidential election.

Washington D.C.-based, preppy clothing startup Rufus & Royce has found a unique way to predict the Presidential Election winner: through sales of its "critter" shorts. Earlier this year, the brand launched a politically-themed collection of men’s shorts embroidered with Democrat donkeys and Republican elephants. After several months of strong sales the evidence is overwhelming: Donald Trump is winning (at least with the preppy crowd). 
Rufus & Royce has seen their Republican seersucker shorts, appropriately named The Reagans, sell 10x more than their Democrat counterpart, The Kennedys.  Cofounder Calista Tavallali explains, "We are simply amazed by how many Preps are Republican. Traditionally Blue states in New England are buying the red Reagans like crazy." With a smile, Calista adds, "We are certainly shorting the Clinton campaign, though there is still time and plenty of shorts for Dem's to rally." This pro-Republican phenomena is not isolated to Rufus & Royce. Calista explains, "We've spoken to some other preppy brands who also have noticed that while their elephants are all sold out the donkeys remain on the shelf."  

The Reagans - Rufus & Royce - 2

As the Presidential elections heat up, Rufus & Royce expects to continue to see growing sales.  “Our end goal is to see the next President wearing our shorts…and don’t worry Hillary, women’s shorts are coming out soon", says Calista.
While some find Rufus & Royce shorts are too outlandish, many embrace the “Go to Hell” attitude surrounding the brand's new take on a traditional style (perhaps an echo of the Republican party itself). The online-based company already has a large following on social media, primarily utilizing Instagram to interact with politicians and celebrities.  Even a few Fox News reporters are rumored to be faithful fans. 
Rufus & Royce also has over 600 Campus Ambassadors who represent the brand at various high schools and universities in every state except Alaska, whose frigid weather have yet to prove conducive to the "island lifestyle". Apart from the political designs, the newly released summer collection includes embroidered Pineapples, Anchors, & Marlins all on vibrantly colored fabrics. Contrasting seersucker pockets come standard. Enthusiastic customers send the company dozens of photos a week showcasing their preppy look. For only $79.99, the designers at Rufus & Royce will work with you to make a fully customized short. Recently, they had a request to create a short plastered with the Donald's face. Needless to say, the customer loved it.
Contact: Calista Tavallali
Jul 29, 2016
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